Broadband setup charges

Broadband setup costs, it is not normal to have set-up costs for Broadband via a phone line, there will be a charge by the service provider for the Modem Router, however if the phone line is not active then see charges phone setup below below.

If you are unable to get Broadband through a phone line and you go for one of the other options such as WiMax or Satellite there will be installation charges from the Service Provider.

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TELEPHONE line setup charges

Charges for a fixed phone? France Telecom will always charge a one off fee of €55.00 to activate the line, If the property has had an active phone line within the last 2 years then the line can be activated quite easily, however, if it is more than 2 years since it was last active then a Technician will have to visit the property to activate the line, for this France Telecom will make an additional charge of €69.00.

Where a property does not have a phone line attached to the house France Telecom will send a Technician after this they will then give a quote for a line to be connected. The quote will vary in cost depending on the amount of work required, in some instances it is just a simple cable from a post nearby in other cases it involves digging a trench. It can be very expensive and in these cases other options should be looked at, we can help with this.