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Broadband Internet Options!!!

Due recent changes in the Market the are not many options, the one below is the cheapest we can offer at the moment, there are no options that allow you to suspend the service or to cancel within the 12 month contract.

This offer includes Unlimited Internet, with Free calls to landline's to 100 destination, the price is 36.99 including a WiFi Modem Router. This is a 12 month fixed contract.

For this option you will need a fixed phone line to the property, but there is no charge for the line. In some areas the first year is 24.99 per month including WiFi Modem Router.

With all options the speed of the internet will depend on the distance you are from the exchange.

Just Email: broadbandinfrance@gmail.com or Tel: 0033604141202 or 00447403110287 for more information without obligation.