BROADBAND ADSL €21.00pm or €36.90 including calls, details below.

Broadband for €21.00 per month - no ties - up to 20mb! We are able to offer you a Broadband (ADSL) connection for €21.00 plus €3 for the Modem Router, making a total of €24.00 per month, with no ties . This is great if you want short or long term internet connection for your home or holiday home in France. (If you have a Holiday home you can cancel the service for part of the year). The actual speed of the internet connection will depend your telephone line. You will also need a Fixed line with this option at €17.96 per month. (See options for Holiday Homes below.)

Broadband and Unlimited Phone Calls from €36.90! We are able to offer a Broadband ADSL with unlimited phone calls to landline's to 100 destination for €36.90 per month This package includes a WiFi Modem Router. The actual speed of the internet connection will depend your telephone line.

You will need a fixed phone line to the property, but there is no charge. This option is without ties.


Tel: 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail:

fixed phone line €17.96pm

Do you want a Fixed Phone and don't know how to go about it, not sure what options are available to you, want it activated for your arrival at your home in France. Need help & advice, we are here to help you. Fixed Phone Line for €17.96 per month - no ties! (Special options available for Holiday Homes) .

Holiday Home! If you have a Holiday Home and only visit occasionally then we can arrange for an arrangement that allows you to activate and deactivate up to 6 times a year. Over the period of a year this can save you money.

Other options ! There are several options to keep the cost of calls to a minimum, there are Broadband options that include call packages, there call packages that for between €9 & €11 a month (depending on the service provider) you can have unlimited calls to landline's in the UK & France. Alternatively there is a cheap call package where calls are charged at just 3 cents a Min to landline's to the UK, France and many other destinations.

Tel: 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail: