1. Once an application is made on your behalf for Phone or Internet or a combination of the two, we will advise on the date of activation, and keep you informed of progress. If there are any issues during activation we will advise you and then discuss the best way to resolve them.
  2. Once activation is complete we will continue full Telephone and e-mail support until the system is operating to your satisfaction.
  3. You may need advice on setting up the Modem Router, or accessing WiFi, we will help you on all these matters. ( On request we can provide a set of instructions in PDF format for setting up the Orange Livebox).
  4. As part of the package we provide you with a Guide in PDF format on how to Terminate your Internet contract at the end of the Season or if at some stage you wish to Terminate the Contract for what ever reason.
  5. Contact details: 0033 (0) 604141202 or 0044 (0) 7403110287 or e-mail:

Broadband setup charges

Broadband setup costs, it is not normal to have set-up costs for Broadband via a phone line, however if there is no phone line is not active then there may be charges relating to the phone line, see charges phone setup below below.

Contact details: Phone 0033 (0) 604141202 or 0044 (0) 7403110287 or e-mail:

TELEPHONE line setup charges

Charges for a fixed phone? France Telecom/Orange will charge a one off charge of €55.00 to activate the line, this only applies to the option where you have a Fixed Line charge at €17.96pm, if you go for other options there is no fixed line charge and no setup charge.

If the property has had an active phone line within the last 2 years then the line can be activated quite easily, however, if it is more than 2 years since it was last active then a Technician will have to visit the property to activate the line, for this France Telecom/Orange will make an additional charge of €69.00.

Where a property does not have a phone line attached to the house France Telecom/Orange will send a Technician if it is just a matter of connection a line using the existing Infrastructure then they will just charge €69 if there is additional work that needs doing, they will then give a quote for a line to be connected, you would then have a choice as to whether you wish to proceed. The Technician may ask you to do certain work yourselves before he can do the installation, in some cases it is just a matter of drilling a whole or removing branches from trees that are preventing him from putting the cable across to the property, occasionally it involves digging a trench.